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Welcome to Speechville Express. If your child has difficulty with speech, language, communication, or is a late talker, we hope you will find the website helpful. Our aim is to provide you with knowledge about available resources to help your child, or a child you care about who has a communication impairment or disorder.

Communication impairments are estimated to affect as many as one out every six people, and language disorders are often early predictors of learning disabilities. This is the first web site to comprehensively address language disorders, providing information for families so that they may minimize the effects on their children.


Common Questions:

What is a communication disorder / impairment?

Who diagnoses speech and language difficulties in children and how is it determined that a child has a particular communication disorder?

How do we go about finding a speech therapist and/or other professional?

How expensive is speech therapy and is assistance available to pay for it?

What can we do at home to help our child?

What resources are available so that we may learn more about how to help our child?

What books, toys and other tools should I use to encourage my child’s development?

Where can I ask questions and talk to others?

How much speech therapy does my child need?

See the following shortcuts to information about various language disorders in children:


If you have a minute, please give us feedback about the site so that we might improve upon what is offered here.